Toronto Revellers Celebrate As Pakistan Crushes India in Cricket Championship Match


Fans took to ‘Little India’ after Pakistan’s win over arch-rival on Sunday

It’s one of the world’s most intense sports rivalries, dating back almost to India’s independence half a century ago.

And even though today’s International Cricket Council league championship match happened half a world away, Toronto residents were in uproar as Pakistan won against India.


Pakistan’s cricket team rejoices after a win against arch-rival India in the 2017 ICC Championship final. (Reuters)

Fans drove honking down Gerrard Street near Coxwell Avenue in Toronto’s “Little India” neighbourhood, gloating over the win.

“India was expecting us to lose, but our players, young team, played really well,” said reveller Hassan Sattar, grinning.

“They were playing the best teams in the world, and Pakistan was number eight. But now they’re champions.”


Hassan Sattar rejoices with others in Toronto after Pakistan’s 180-run win. (Martin Trainor/CBC)

Pakistan won the match by 180 runs.

“Everybody’s proud right now to be Pakistani,” said Bushra Upal, eating ice cream with her family outside. “Because Pakistan won. And by big numbers.”

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