Matt Renshaw and The Dangers of Playing Test Cricket in India


Australia’s Matt Renshaw ran into one of the biggest problems of being a touring cricketer in India on day one of the first Test, and it had nothing to do with Virat Kohli, spinners or anything cricket-related.

The young Aussie opener was going along brilliantly on Thursday morning in an 82-run partnership with David Warner before two disasters struck.

First, Warner chopped on for 38 and immediately Renshaw felt a rumble in his stomach.

It was more than the nerves that come with playing your first Test in the subcontinent against the best team in the world.


“It was probably a bit different to what I imagined at the start of the day,” he told Grandstand.

“I was hoping to get a few runs but probably not in the way that happened.”

Before he made it off the field he had to stop for a brief chat with umpire Nigel Llong and skipper Steve Smith that for Renshaw must have felt like an age.

“[Smith] didn’t really want me to go off as [we had just lost] two wickets technically,” he said.

“But when you’ve got to go you’ve got to go don’t you?”

Renshaw eventually returned after lunch and made his way to an impressive, battling 68 for the top score in Australia’s first innings so far of 9-256.

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