Kamal Haasan Says He Will Pay Donors Back in Latest Column, Hints at Visiting Modi’s Varanasi

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In his latest weekly column in a Tamil magazine, megastar Kamal Haasan has said he will send the money he received as donation to launch his political outfit back.

The 63-year-old actor also hinted at paying a visit to Varanasi in Uttar Pradesh, which happens to be Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Lok Sabha constituency.

“People have started sending me letters and money. But if I accept it now, it is illegal and hence I am sending them back,” Haasan wrote.

“Don’t think that I’m stepping back. I want to create the fundamentals before accepting the money.”

“The moment people started sending the money itself, the political party had begun. But I need to create proper infrastructure so that even after me, this movement should continue,” he wrote. Haasan said his fans have spent Rs 30 crore so far “for the welfare of people”.

“The truth is even I can’t arrange for that much money on my own,” he wrote. Elaborating on his future plans in his column, Haasan also made a subtle hint at visiting Varanasi, from where Modi had handsomely won in the 2014 Lok Sabha election.

“I have started my journey to meet the people and I would take this as a part of it. If they want me to come to Varanasi, I would not hesitate. I have been there while shooting for Hey Ram,” he wrote.

Accusing the Congress of “word play” on his alleged Hindu terror remarks, Haasan said, “I did not say Hindu terrorism. I wouldn’t call my fans a ‘terror fan’.

The word play is the stand of the Congress which is against the BJP.- I am still maintaining that extremism is spreading but I didn’t use the word terrorism,” he said.

“They say that like water and oil, religion and extremism don’t mix, but isn’t religion the reason for the riots occurring in the world? No one has the right to say that one cant talk about religions, riots and violence,” he said.

Haasan called on the Hindus in the country to be more tolerant to others since they are the majority. “Hindus are in majority. They have a big brother responsibility,” he wrote.

On his 63rd birthday earlier this month, Haasan had announced that he will soon launch a mobile application that would serve as a platform to communicate with the people.

Amid strong buzz of his taking the political plunge and possibly launching a party by next year, the actor had said “I am already there” when asked about entering politics.

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