Why Should we Use Bollywood Actors in Music Videos: Arjun Kanungo


Musicians featuring movie stars in their independent singles is not uncommon, mainly because it seems to widen the reach of their songs. Singer composer Arjun Kanungo , however, doesn’t like the idea.

“Frankly I think it’s a big problem. I don’t have an issue with Bollywood or actors, but with big record labels who are following this trend. The song should feature the singer somewhere, instead of a movie star lip syncing to the lyrics. Then it becomes nothing but a film song,” says Kanungo, despite featuring actor Sonal Chauhan in the video of his second single, Fursat.

Kanungo clarifies that he featured Sonal because she was a made a part of the story.

“Yes, Sonal featured in my song. I am not saying that there should be no video with actors in it. But it’s an independent single, not a film song. Make the actor part of that storytelling process, and feature the singer or the artist who has composed the song. Otherwise, there will be absolutely no recognition for the artist,” he argues.

Kanungo, who recently released his third single, Ek Dafaa, adds that economics of a single “go for a toss”, when any film star gets associated with a project. “Sometimes actors turn around and say that they want more money, because a previous record label paid them more. So the entire model goes for a toss. It’s not that simple,” he says.

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