India Tears into Pakistan at UNHRC, Calls Islamabad Face of Global Tterrorism

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India on Monday tore into Pakistan’s statement at the 36th United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC) session, and called Islamabad the “face of international terrorism”.

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Exercising India’s ‘right of reply’ to Pakistan’s speech, Indian diplomat from the Permanent Mission of India in Geneva, Dr. Vishnu Reddy spoke strongly against “Pakistan’s unsolicited and unwarranted comments pertaining to the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir are factually incorrect and absolutely misleading. We outrightly reject them.”

Reddy also spelt out the biggest challenge faced by the region. “The foremost challenge to the stability of the region is the scourge of terrorism. Pakistan’s malicious attempt to hide its interference behind the facade of domestic discontent carries no credibility with the world”, he said.

Hitting back at Islamabad, New Delhi also raised two issues of concern, Pakistan-backed terrorism in the Kashmir Valley and human rights violations in Balochistan, an issue that India has been raising at all international platforms.

Reddy said, “Pakistan-occupied Kashmir is run by a ‘deep state’ and has become an epicenter of terrorism. Its [Islamabad’s] human rights record in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Baluchistan is deplorable.”

India went on to apprise the UNHRC of the evidence on cross-border terrorism that New Delhi has shared with Islamabad in order to get the latter to dismantle terror infrastructure.

“Pakistan has been the face of international terrorism. Even the Foreign Minister of Pakistan has admitted that internationally banned outfits, including Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT) and Jaish-e-Mohammad (JeM), are operating from within Pakistan. In the wake of growing international concern, Pakistan must shut down its terror manufacturing units and bring the perpetrators of terrorism to justice”, India’s Vishnu Reddy said.

India has been rebutting Pakistan’s statements on Kashmir not only in Geneva but also in New York and every other fora where Pakistan tries to ‘highlight’ issues to ‘mislead’ the international community.

India maintains that “Pakistan [should] do some deep introspection and focus its energies on improving the human rights situation and dismantling the terror infrastructure in Pakistan and and Pakistan-occupied Kashmir”.

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