What Technology Is Poised To Have The Greatest Impact On India?

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Technologies by themselves are not as relevant as the scale and cost at which the applications of technology can be adopted in India.

For example, Its not stand-alone AI as much as its application to a specific area within agri that matters. We are currently seeing opportunities where an agri-bot learns from a crop data set that has had virus attacks and the visual engine can render where these attacks are on the farm and limit a sharp pesticide spraying on that narrow area, saving costs, improving health, relative to older practices that were manual and expensive in both costs and quality. This is the applied innovation thinking we need at massive scale in India.

Given the government push to Electric Vehicles, all associated technologies are bound to erupt, including material sciences and storage related to batteries.

(Just this morning, the news flashes seem to suggest the versatile Essel Group of Zee TV fame, under Subhash Chandra, seems to be doubling down on this space)

Applied Robotics and Automation within more traditional industries including manufacturing and Agriculture is something we see as inevitable for an India that has to achieve hyper growth.

We continue to believe that India is an applied market where technology needs to be an enabler in solving day to day needs of education, healthcare, financial services, commerce, media and delivering each of these at the best prices in the world is where innovation will be focused on – not necessarily the underlying tech. Innovation can be price: value innovation and that drives Indian market adoption more than pure technological impetus.

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