Pakistan Doctors Trade on Cheaper Indian Stents


Sell them at astronomical rates in their country, with fake barcode and global labels.

Some government and private doctors in Pakistan are importing Indian stents that come at a cheap price and selling them at exorbitant rates with fake barcode and international labels, according to media reports.

Indian stents are the cheapest stents in the world, and some doctors in Pakistan are selling them by packing the stents with fake barcode and international labels after importing them, the Dunya News reported.

The Indian stent that costs Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 28,000 is being sold for Rs. three lakh to Rs. three and half lakh by the doctors, the daily said.

Just change the name

Moreover, the Indian stent worth Rs. 13,000 is also available in different hospitals of Pakistan with fake name.

The daily citing sources said the investigation teams have demanded the record of barcodes of stents from the hospitals, as every stent has a unique barcode which doctors are bound to keep in their records.

The details of stent and its company can be traced through the barcode.

Two types of stents are being imported from India at the moment. In one type, blood does not clot, and in other type, it clots. The stents in which there are chance of blood clotting are used more frequently due to cheaper rate, the daily said.

Stents for all

Moreover, some doctors put stents in patients even if there is no need of that just to fulfill their greed for money, it said.

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